Comprehensive Dental Care:

We will take a look at all your oral conditions and give you a comprehensive treatment plan.


Have you ever wondered why celebrities have such beautiful smile. Many times, they have veneers placed permanently on their teeth


Implants are the closest alternative to having teeth. There is a 95% success rate as they are permanently placed in the mouth.

Braces for adults and Children :

Full mouth braces will treat crowding, malocclusion, and subsequent periodontal problems.

Six Month Braces :

See if you qualify for six month braces. Instead of having braces for 1218 months, most people are more happy doing them for six months.


Clear braces that are almost invisible when you wear them. These are the treatment of choice for people who do not want the metallic look of braces.

Root Canal Treatments :

Teeth that have pain, sometimes have infection in the nerve of the tooth. These canals need to be disinfected and filled. Most of the time, these teeth also need a crown afterwards.

Crown and Bridge:

Crown is a like a cap that goes over a tooth. American Dental Association (ADA) recommends that any teeth that have more than 50% of the tooth as filling should get a crown. So do teeth that are broken or have a large carious lesion. The crown protects teeth.

Tooth Colored Fillings:

We offer white tooth colored fillings on front and back teeth. Your looks and smile are very important to us.


When someone is missing teeth, and cannot get implants, then dentures are the treatment of choice. They can be complete dentures or partial dentures depending on whether you have teeth.


American Dental Association recommends that everyone should always get a cleaning every six months or sooner depending on your periodontal needs.

Scaling and Root Planing (Deep Cleaning):

Sometimes a lot of bacteria are present in the gum pockets around the teeth and cause the pockets to get deeper. These bacteria also cause bone loss around the teeth. In situations like this, scaling and root cleaning is recommended over one or two appointments. We always give you anesthesia when doing this procedure so you do not feel pain.

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